House of dogs

Conditions of Admission

Identification and vaccination

Only dogs identified (tattoo or electronic chip) and up to date with vaccinations (more than 15 days old and less than a year old) against rabies, canine diseases (distemper, parvovirus, Rubarth hepatitis, Leptospirosis) and kennel cough.

The health record and identification papers must be returned to the daycare no later than the first day of entry into the daycare.

Anti-parasitic treatment

Only dogs with active external antiparasitic treatment (fleas and ticks), and active deworming are admitted. The daycare may refuse an animal that does not respect these health obligations. In the event of detection of parasites (internal or external) during the stay, the costs of treatment administered by the daycare will be the responsibility of the owner and paid at the end of the stay.

Contract & Information Sheet

Only dogs with a signed daycare/boarding contract and a duly completed information sheet are admitted. Everything that the owner must report will be noted on the information sheet: behavioral problems, allergies, lameness, pain, operations, etc., in order to best care for the dog.

The owner must also specify if their dog requires medical treatment/care and bring the various medications or other treatments/care with veterinary prescriptions. The daycare will administer them rigorously and at no extra cost.


Only dogs who come regularly (at least once a month) to daycare at House of Dogs are admitted to boarding.

Special conditions

Aggressive dogs that are not sociable with their peers cannot be accepted.

Dogs of breeds which are, by law, likely to be dangerous in Luxembourg (Art. 10, Law of May 9, 2008) cannot be accepted.

Females in heat and unneutered males over 10 months old cannot be accepted with exceptions.

The daycare reserves the right to refuse to take care of a dog that appears to be sick, contagious, suffering from a serious or cardiac pathology or presenting any risk to itself or other dogs.